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Friday, June 5, 2009

My Dad...David

Beyond the sheer talent and vision - I must tell you; my dad was also funniest person I ever met. He was hanging from the Brooklyn Bridge at 14, in college by 15, and off pursuing his destiny by 18 years old. He was an avid reader and could quote Plato, Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln, the Bible - you name it. I think his wit and humor were a by-product of this colossal knowledge base. Not a day goes by; that I don't reflect on some event or shared conversation. He was an inspiration to watch - literally working 7 days a week - for as long as I can remember. In addition to the art production, there are also many manuscripts, poems, prose and even short plays.

From a yet to be published book - TEXAS MOONS - he writes:

Moonlight is immediate, grasps and distorts, claiming all it touches as its own. A temporary illusion chased by the dawn that regains its own assertions. I personally have gotten this far already. How far is that? Not far. Having lived through many thousands of moonrises and moonsets, having set desires on conquering an elusive world, having submitted to the endless onerous tasks, having taken myself as a grain of sand, it must be avowed that if the only reason the earth stays where it is, is the sun's gravity, then the incomprehensible joke's on us, and there can never be a plot. Therefore no story.

posted by Nikki Newman

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Michele cleaning MAGDELAN
Michele cleaning MAGDELAN

From Existential Anatomy Series
From Existential Anatomy Series