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Sculpture Art Gallery : Torso
Sculpture with a social message, sympathy for sufferers, and yearning for peace. Many are geometrical abstract with a cubistic flavor, subtle but undeniable, adding the distance that transcends the personal and reaches the essence.
Women Art Gallery : Nude in Chair with Mirror
The feminine presence has been a constant source of inspiration; whether portraits, nudes or compositions. They are seriously beautiful, composed, sometimes regal, and always intelligent.
Religious  Art Gallery : Bible Series Luke 2:40
Solid block of Bible inspired work. Esthetic, philosophical and psychological dimensions explored in pastels, watercolors and oils.
Existential Anatomy Art Gallery : Existential Anatomy-Pen & Ink 2 of 70
Existential Anatomy 
An intellectual complex view of anatomy with prose. Pen and ink series of seventy-one works all sized 25.5 X 19 IN.

Abstracts Art Gallery : The Wave
A natural evolutive process of analytical and synthetic reconstruction leads to all encompassing joyful and whimsical abstract statements. Longtime familiarity with sculpture brings solidity, structure and weight to the playfulness of his designs.
Texas Moons Art Gallery : Moon and Sea 5
Texas Moons 
Texas Moons of many moods; the blurry smudged moody moon, the sharp edged ones transpierced by triangles, the concentric target-like moons, moons over seas or blazing as suns, even moons of two different species cohabitating into diptychs.
Watercolors Art Gallery : Untitled WC 13
David's works on paper constitute a whole world of their own and cover a broad range of subjects and techniques, the variations in moods achieved through choices of media and colors. Life, nature, history, fascination with abstractions led him into a long period of innovative designs.
Triangles Art Gallery : Triangles 83
A definite playfulness and plethora of techniques and themes; always with a single undeniable strong thread that is David's trademark. The triangle will include a moon, be related to sharp edge geometrics or may be executed in 'dots' manner. The compositions are balanced and a sense of order reigns over them.
Dots Art Gallery : Improv 240/Dots 1A
This grouping has its origins way back.
It is for the most what constitutes the various combination of elements in any given cluster; seminal 'atoms'. Some intertwined with solid color panels, strong stark solid color forms, swirls, waves and also another trademark of his: scratches (lines done with the tip of the paintbrush).
Incantations Art Gallery : Incantation 201
Abstract concepts touching science, nature as well as human emotions, and the complexity of life: some are self-explanatory others need only an allusion to become transparent. Headings illustrate the ever present preoccupation with the mysteries of the universe.
Improvs Art Gallery : Improv 67
Improvs are paintings where a blank canvas is used without a preliminary sketch. The first of these may well have been a version of gestuary art or more simply a desire to play color as the jazz musician played notes.
Towers Art Gallery : Towers 23 and Starry Night
David loved The Towers, and admired the elegance and purity of their silhouettes. He saw them as proud creations of man's energy and vision. They are a tribute to what the country stood for and the attack upon them reached a signification as broad as human right to life and peace.
Flags Art Gallery : Flag 28
Series of American Flags (forty-four comprehensive large abstract oils) using the concept of dots, triangles, swirls, waves and signature use of bold colors within carefully crafted compositions.
Reflections Art Gallery : Reflection 53
Reflections may be of buildings, bridges, jagged rocks, lines of trees or setting suns. Sharp lines and textured colors depict moods where pastels evoke peaceful moments and stained glass hues boldly contrasted upon the background tell another story.
Landscapes Art Gallery : White Oak
An unexpected return to realism, focus upon nature - trees, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and amazing sights he could no longer visit. Many encompass the visible horizon with land silhouettes; the epitome of stability and continuity, a metaphor for eternal presence confirming the persistency of change within structure.
Other - Miscellaneous Art Gallery : Design for Sculpture 9
Other - Miscellaneous 
Variety of works spanning 60 years. Mediums will include: oils, watercolors, pen and ink, whitewash, pastels and pencil.