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Personal Stories

Life in Italy by Artist Wife--Michele

When, I arrived to live with David at some ungodly hour at the train station in Florence, no one was waiting for me. Yet, I did not overreact, and simply grabbed my luggage...which if I remember well contained a roast pork or similar fare...and trott...  read more

Remembrances by Artist Wife--Michele

So, what will it be today? Possible themes to explore are certainly not lacking in this overbrimming consciousness of mine... There may even be time for more than one
subject of interest. OK, I will start with some of my remembrances along th...  read more

Tree of Yeah or Nay -- a poem

My eye travels in an arrow shot
To the painting I feel closest
To my innermost core.
Mindscapes... Windscapes... Soulscapes...
Yes! It does carry you beyond,
Beyond time and space
To the essential being,
B...  read more

Art in the Newman Home

art in the Newman home

art in the Newman home