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Improv 240/Dots 1A
Improv 240/Dots 1A  Oil on Canvas Wrap · 48x36 IN ·

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Improv 240/Dots 1A
Improv 241/Dots 1B
Improv 43/Dots 2
Field Dots 14
Improv 297/Dots 24
Improv 256/Dots 4
Field Dots 13
Improv 277/Dots 13
Improv 259/Dots 5A
Improv 290/Dots 15
Field Dots 6
Field Dots 67
Improv 279/Dots 9
Improv 281/Dots 11
Improv 249/Dots 4A
Improv 293/Dots 21
Dots 49
Dots 56