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MASTERS - David Newman - Featured

117 Masters of Today in MOT GLOBAL ART BOOKS

MASTERS is an overview of contemporary art, a resource book for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, art collectors, who seek the latest trends in the art world. Masters of Today is an art book as ART and source of information including over one hundred artist profiles, reporting on the art, personalities and art trends that shape today's art world. 117 Contemporary Artists, over 264 pages, hardcover, 8.5''x 8.5'' with more than 600 works. Printed in UK; marketing and distribution is through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels including Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.

MASTERS -117 Contemporary Artists
Collectible Global Art Book
ISBN: 978-91-89685-18-5
released December 2008
Hardcover, 264 PAGES
Edited and Published by MOT
DIMENSIONS: 8.5X8.5 IN / 22x22 cm

For more information, visit www.mastersoftoday.com/ArtistsOfToday/aot_126.htm.


(posted: December 13, 2008)